Business Expo & 5K Walk/Run Rules

Greater Imani Business Expo and 5 K Walk/Run Rules
3824 Austin Peay Highway
Memphis, TN 38128
(Vendor, Volunteers, and Participants)

Business Expo: The Business Expo will be held on the Church grounds of Greater Imani.

5 K Route (3.1 miles): The 5 K begins at 8:00 am, and the route will be the following: Start at Greater Imani Cathedral of Faith, turn right on Austin Peay Highway, turn right on Singleton Parkway, turn right on Yale Road, turn right on Austin Peay Highway, and turn right at Greater Imani Cathedral of Faith.

Participant Parking: Participant parking is on the Church grounds of Greater Imani. Follow the instructions from the volunteers. Car and Motorcycle Exhibition participants will also follow the instructions of the volunteers. The cars and motorcycles will be prominently displayed throughout the Business Expo and 5 K.

Business Expo and Race-Day Rules:

1. Getting there: Vendors who need more time to set-up can arrive by 6:00 am. Racers should get to the race at least an hour before the start, to pick-up your race packet (your number). The race will start right at 8:00 am, with or without you. You need time to get your number, pin it on, use the port-o-potties, snug up and double tie your shoelaces, and find your spot in the starting area.

2. Registration: Go to the registration table to check-in and/or register onsite. Vendors will have a separate line from 5 K Race participants. Vendors will receive their table seating map. 5 K participants will pick-up race-day bags and bibs. All will be directed to t-shirt pick-up from the registration table. No-shows will not be mailed their race shirts or refunded.

3. Vendor table set-up: The vendor is paying for one table and two chairs. Table covers are not provided so plan accordingly. Signage provided by the vendor should be free-standing. No signage will be attached to the walls. Greater Imani Church reserves the right to ban articles for sale that are sexist, racist, offensive, derogatory in nature, conflicting with standing Church contracts, or that use alcohol. Absolutely no alcoholic beverages are permitted. We reserve the right to refuse table reservations. Notify registration volunteers of electrical needs if specified on registration form.

4. Bib number: Pin your race number to the FRONT of your shirt (or shorts) so that it is clearly visible to race staff. You may not participate without a bib number.

5. Pre/Post-race entertainment: The stage will have the Business Expo and 5 K host M.C, along with, hourly entertainment. The M.C. will provide inspiration and logistics for all, so be sure to go there before and after the race. The Car and Motorcycle Exhibition will be set-up for you to browse before and after the event.

6. Lining up: If you have been running blazing fast times in your workouts and think you might finish in the top 10, then line up on the front row with the other speedsters. But if you have been doing a run/walk program and are not yet quite able to run the full distance, line up towards the back of the pack at the starting area. If you are somewhere in-between, then of course line up somewhere in the middle.

7. During the race: Just have fun and run your own race if it is your first one. There will be a water station on the course, near the half-way mark. Put the cup in the trash can after you drink the water. Try not to impede another runner at the water station (or anywhere else on the course), either by cutting them off or by suddenly stopping in front of them. Plan how you are going to approach the water station (and any walking breaks) and pay attention to what other runners around you are doing. If you are worried about it, and think you’ll be out there long enough to need some water, you can always just carry a bottle with you. Also, if you wear headphones, keep the volume low (or keep one earbud out), so that you can hear other runners. Only registered participants may be on course during the event. Spectators are asked to remain on the sidelines. Please do not cut across the course. For your safety and the safety of others, please allow room for faster individuals to pass you on the left. If you are running or walking with friends, please do not line-up more than two abreast. All children must be supervised by parent or guardian.

8. At the finish line: You just cross the finish line. Timing will be done at the finish line, so follow the instructions from the volunteers at the finish and all will go smoothly. Move along right at the finish line so there is room for others to cross the line. There will be refreshments after you cross the finish line.

9. Continue to Business Expo: Vendors will be set-up for a Business Expo as you receive your refreshments, so stop by their tables. Vendors will officially be setting up for the post-race Business Expo.

10. Continue to the Car and Motorcycle Exhibition: All, visit the exhibition area where the cars and motorcycles are displayed. Do not sit-on or touch the cars or motorcycles without the permission of the owners’ consent.

11. Awards: After the race, awards will be distributed to the 5K winners. Awards will be issued at the stage starting at 11:00 AM.

Have a great Business Expo and 5 K Race!